eye of horus



Hello Friends,

As I gear up to release the 2nd single off my upcoming album, I felt the need to let you in on my thought process while making this piece of art.

We have been conditioned to look at things through the lens of duality; good or evil, right or wrong, masculine or feminine, forgetting that all that IS originates from ONE source, which means everything serves a purpose. With our limited understanding fuelled by the need to satisfy our ego body,the need to control or oppress anyone or thing that looks like a threat to our survival becomes our default programming. We forget that all things should be used as tools to evolve our souls and enrich our human experience.

As we further in our respective journeys we realise the growing divide and disparities between different stereotypes (i.e. gender, race, religion). This piece of art was created to understand the long standing impact of gender marginalisation where I'm from. The Patriarchy and the Divine Feminine both have their purpose and both extremes need to be avoided for their purpose to be fulfilled. Rather than trying to fix or even understand, the least and the most we can all do is to accept that everyone is having a human experience and all experiences are valid. What the DIVINE FEMININE and the PATRIARCHY needs is BALANCE.

Your’s Truly,


Amina's Walls